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“The World of Lara and Felix”- PREMIER

Official PREMIER and presenting of the first in Bulgaria black and white baby-children books of “The World of Lara and Felix” in Helikon Bookstore – Vitosha. You are welcome on 23rd of Novermber 2014 at 11:00 am.

About the books
The World of Lara and Felix is a black and white baby-children book, showing a different method for discovering the world. The black and white illustrations are innovative but also the best way to support the babies and young children’s sight. They successfully support the development of the concentration and meanwhile do not put pressure on the brain, contrary they relax it.
The usage of additional colors helps the child to get used to the colorful world around us.
With Lara and Felix the children will learn and play very easy.

You are more than welcome!

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