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10 Reasons to choose black and white books for your baby

Colorful, pastel, detailed all these books you can find in any bookstore, but whether they are suitable for your baby? Here are some famous and not so famous reasons that may make you think about what books to choose for your children according to their age:

1. Let’s start with what science says – there is the popular theory of Dr. Robert Frantz (American psychologist, mainly associated with the study of early childhood development), that black and white contrast helps in the long focus sight of newborns, which favors the development of the eyesight and brain.

There is still not a single psychologist to present a theory against this one, what usually happens with all psychological theories, that means that until now this theory has stood all the tests! :-)
2. A little more theory I promise :-) – The long focusing of the eyes of the child on the black and white contrast, it is a “positive stimulus” and the baby can “detach” from the surrounding world of electronics and brightness which helps the brain effectively to rest!
3. Black and white books are much simpler and clearer, and babies (0-12 months) and young children (12-28 months) need just that, rather than accumulated details, which they anyway do not pay attention on.
4. They are clean and easier to represent, respectively perceive messages from them, which is the target of each author of a book.
5. These books are considered as “organic food” among the books – they are useful and they can never be too much :-)
6. Usually 1-2 are the presented objects, which allows easier perception.
7. They are not just black and white, they present some more colors, but not too many, because the world is colorful and children should get used to it, but in small portions :-)
8. “The world of Lara and Felix” has heroes, for the first time in this type of books, which is a proven way to win the trust of the children, so they are easier to be trusted in the new stories the books present.
9. These books and in general the black and white illustrations are considered to be supportive for the development of imagination with young children (18-28 months).
10. Try them, they are something new that it can not hurt, but you will have something different and innovative in the library of your children!

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