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About Sunshine Publishing

Sunshine Publishing is the publishing house we founded in 2014 with lots of love and care. The idea of Sunshine Publishing came to us when our team felt the need for more and more accessible information for parents regarding the children’s development and the multiple ways of creating and growing a valuable person.

We believe that each parent wants the best for their children and therefore we aim to provide the maximum in offering materials and books that will successfully support the children and parents in all important stages of the development of a new little person.

Each detail in the creation of our products is approached with care and responsibility – the books are made from high quality materials with a certificate of quality and safety – so that you and your child can enjoy them at most. Each of the books at Sunshine Publishing has been prepared by a psychologist using a special methodology consistent with the phases of child development, which makes them even more valuable for growing your precious ones.

“The world of Lara and Felix”

The first project of the publishing house is called “The World of Lara and Felix” – entertaining series of high-contrast illustration books with color accent that will engage your child and develop its concentration and imagination, without additionally burdening the brain.

The first two books – “At Home” and “At The Countryside” are already on the market and show us the funny adventures of Lara and Felix getting to know their black and white world.

High-contrast visual illustrations are famous in encouraging the sight activities in children and sharpening the focus and concentration while looking at them, as well as supporting the development of the imagination. So far, Bulgaria has no analogue of this type of picture books for children; while abroad (especially in the US and Israel) they are becoming more and more popular. In Sunshine Publishing we are proud to be the beginning of a new trend that has strong opportunities to become a real hit.
It has been proved that, apart from the visual stimulation, children need also characters, who can be trusted and who are associated at a later stage of their development. This makes the adventure even more exciting and funny, and the smiles of our children are always priceless. This is the purpose and our goal at Sunshine Publishing – to bring more smiles on the babies and children faces.

What is special about our illustrated books are both smiling and curious character that will provide you and your child an unforgettable adventure in the black and white world of the nice teddy bear Lara and Felix тхе curious car that will help the child to get to know the surrounding environment by suitable examples.

Our picture books in the series “The World of Lara and Felix” are suitable for children from 0 to about 2-2.5 years and a collection of high-contrast theme illustrations that stimulate visual acuity from early childhood, increase the attention and develop the imagination, without burdening the brain activity of infants and children additionally.

In conclusion

Sunshine Publishing is the publishing of your family. Our work is fully dedicated to the parents and their children, and in each of our projects we put lots of love, emotions and enthusiasm.

The precious ones we hold in our hands with those big curious eyes that suddenly became the center of our universe, while in our heads are running thousands of questions about how to grow it in the best way, how to give the best from ourselves… Sunshine Publishing is here to help you raise your child in a good and calm way, to help you discover and develop its talents and help them to reach success in every aspect of their life.

Sunshine Publishing is not just a publisher – we are your true friend, who will advise and guide you to the way of creating of a complete and valuable person.

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