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How to deal with children’s questions and their understanding about the world

Sometimes children find it difficult to understand why their reality differs from that of others, why people are not all equal, why some children receive more gifts than others, why their sister can watch TV longer than them, etc. The period of growth is an endless struggle for the children, comparing their life with that of others, they seek their place under the sun and try to understand how the world “works”.
If you have trouble with some of the answers for the children’s questions, mainly related to the lack of equality between them and others, than this article is ideal for you. We will try to give you valuable guidance that will help you deal with the number of questions of your child easier.

“Why can not I stay out late, as Ivancho does?”
In this situation, try to approach, explaining to your child that Ivancho’s parents may have different family rules and most free robux probably you allow your child other things that Ivancho’s parents do not. If you have examples to give that is even better.

“Why I can not paint like Peter?”
When it comes to skills, children can be very sensitive, so be careful. Never leave a child under the impression that little Peter is better than him by default. If he can draw, and your child can sing – you can give him an example and simply explain that different between people that can do different things. Otherwise it would be boring, right?

“Why should I eat apples, when all the other children eat biscuits?”
Many parents have been in a similar situation, do not lose control. Calmly explain properly for a child, how useful are apples and fruits and vegetables as a whole for its health. However, if you are a strict opponent of biscuits and sugar, set your Treat Day – a day in which the child can get a sweet choice, of course, in reasonable quantities.

“Why did Santa bring Emmy Dora doll and teddy bear to me?”
Such questions are sometimes difficult even for experts, but do not be afraid. Tell your child that you do not know why, but it is sure Santa loves equally all children in the world. Then you can turn the conversation in another direction. Offer your child to bring the teddy bear for a walk and do a lot of nice pictures together. Once being back home, the child will have long stopped thinking about the doll. Well, because it will be busy to share with all the other friends where you were together with the bear.

Children are truly experts at asking number of questions, but we parents should not give up. Share with us your stories related to children’s questions and the correct answers that you have chosen.

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