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Sunshine Learning and Development

Sunshine Learning and Development is an organization having its activities as lectures, courses, seminars and training in areas related to parenting, growing a child and helping it to develop as a valuable person in the society.

Many families feel insecure and confused in their approach towards their child and our goal is to enlighten and support the parents into understanding and dealing with the different stages of growing up of their children, in building a confident, happy and complete person.

Some of our initiatives are:
Parents groups for interactive playing with their children;
Seminars and trainings on subjects related to the baby and children development;
Finding and developing the talents of the children;
Career development consulting and how to help our child to chose which is the right education and eventually career path, and many other.

All used materials are developed by psychologists with extensive experience and knowledge, Our lectures are made by professional trainers, so we know that you and your child will be able to take the most of what we have to tell you – how to communicate fully with the children in the discovery and development of children’s talents all the way to the problems of teens.

The events organized by the Sunshine Learning and Development will be pre-announced on the site, with the possibility of recording and most of them are completely free of charge. Sunshine Learning and Development is our mission and we believe that we can help the full growth and development of children in a peaceful and harmonious family environment.

Who we are?

Vessela Krissel has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Human Resources Management and Development, she is also certified trainer of soft skills for adults.
Currently she is a mother of two children with current profession of HR Manager and a hobby to love and trust people, helping them to develop and improve, and being an author of Black and White (high contrast baby-children’s books).

Darina Zlatarska have graduated Master in HRM at NBU.
She has completed various training courses for adults trainer. She has more than 5 years experience in creating and conducting corporate trainings. And she has conducted more than 100 seminars on topics such as: Leadership, Developing the potential of employees, management of sales teams etc.
Currently Darina is developing her own chocolate business and is a mother of the 3-year old Ognyan.